bless the tsukkomis in liar game


Spiel mit Mir // Rammstein


backless leather outfit (ↀↀ)✧

L's first physical appearance  - Death Note (Ep. 06)

xwhat’s the point of all this? why am i here? there is no choice and this is who i am. i have a habit of lying and i do it no better than to myself. and you and i, the definition of opposites, are just the same. more in common with each other than anyone else. but maybe there is no one else. 

maybe that’s why i don’t like to run through open doors.”


Doctor Doom OutfitsFantastic Four 537

Mystic Armor from Hell + Some Mindless Demons getting their ass handed to them



"You’re beating me up because I’m right and you can’t prove me wrong!